You will receive:

  • 5 reference checking secrets
  • 14 email correspondence guidelines
  • 8 voicemail rules
  • 14 point resume checklist
  • 10 winning interview tactics
  • And much, much more!

Buy Me, I’m Worth It!
   Learn How To Get Motivated
   For Your Job Search

Buy Me, I'm Worth It! is a proven methodology to help job seekers identify your ideal job, stay motivated during the job search, distinguish yourself from competition, secure multiple job offers, and negotiate a raise before you even start.

Written by experts in sales and recruiting, not counseling, not education, not career consulting, it is chock full of insider's information that salespeople know, such as how to win over a protective receptionist, how to put a positive spin on any previous experience, and above all, how to stay motivated during the dry season when it seems that no one is buying. This book will not only help you get the best job offer, it will serve as a career management tool. You will learn to distinguish yourself from other job seekers. You will create your own unfair competitive advantage. You will learn how to be selected as the hiring manager's number one choice amongst countless competitors.

Buy Me, I’m Worth It! has innovative and creative ideas that show you, through examples, statistics, and live action research, how to sell yourself. It is succinct and easy to navigate. This book combines the author's firsthand knowledge about how hiring decisions are really made with firsthand knowledge about how sales and marketing strategies can be applied to job search. The content is organized into seven chapters that lead progressively to employment. While many books exist on the subject of job searching, none offer readers the unique perspective of Sally Sweeney.