Here are the highlights from each chapter to pique your interest.

Chapter One: Get Motivated for Job Searching
Learn how to:

  • Renew your positive attitude and work through negative emotions associated with the job search
  • Build your job search self-esteem
  • Believe you are employable
  • Expand your job search vision
  • Become a motivated, enthusiastic, proactive job seeker

Chapter Two: Identify Companies Where You Want to Work
Learn how to:

  • Identify companies where you want to work
  • Determine criteria for evaluating job offers
  • Avoid poor decisions regarding career growth and opportunity
  • Avoid career default and make a career choice

Chapter Three: Speak the Hiring Manager’s Language
Learn how to:

  • Speak so hiring managers will listen
  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Create a list of results-produced statements to use throughout your job search
  • Demonstrate how your experience can solve a hiring manager’s business problems
  • Remove trepidation and doubt regarding yourself and your job search
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition.

Chapter Four: Create Your Job Search Sales and Marketing Kit
Learn how to:

  • Develop essential job search tools: references and reference letters, referral sources, and call structures
  • Create correspondence that will distinguish you from the competition: resumes, marketing letters, follow through letters, and emails
  • Develop proof statements and prepare a personal commercial
  • Apply a winning job search strategy

Chapter Five: Secure Interviews
Learn how to:

  • Secure interviews regardless of the economic climate
  • Implement telephone and voicemail strategies that work
  • Find job openings in the theoretically hidden job market
  • Get your resume read by hiring managers
  • Develop relationship building, referral requesting, and networking skills
  • Manage successful relationships with agencies and recruiters

Chapter Six: Interview for Success
Learn how to:

  • Become the employer’s number one choice
  • Give excellent answers to common interview questions.
  • Distinguish yourself as a premier candidate by asking the right questions.
  • Understand your advantages during the interview and learn why like and trust can win over qualifications
  • Control unique or difficult interview situations

Chapter Seven: Get a Raise Before You Start
Learn how to:

  • Understand the psychology of the hiring manager and negotiate a raise before you start
  • Obtain job offers
  • Evaluate offers against predetermined criteria
  • Develop negotiation skills