“I was floundering and feeling down and out, but then I read Buy Me, I’m Worth It! The book immediately got me out of my job search slump. I revamped my resume, created my Results Produced list, and prepared my job search sales and marketing tool kit. Within two months I secured multiple interviews and accepted an offer for a job in a new and interesting industry for me.”

 Matt Dragner, Field Service Manager, Cochrane Ventilation

“As a command pilot with over 4000 flying hours, including 26 combat missions during operation Desert Storm, I can attest this book being instrumental throughout my career. The concepts and techniques on career advancement helped me navigate myriads of interviews during my career path to Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Buy Me, I'm Worth It! is the Eight Steps to Employment taken to the next level. It is an indispensable resource for any job seeker.”

 Colonel Douglas W. Miller, U.S. Air Force

“After surviving two major cuts in personnel, I feared my job as installation and support manager for a computer firm might not survive. It used to be a pleasure to go work every morning, but I was no longer happy at the company. Tension went up, morale went down. Yet I couldn’t get going on the job hunt, not even to look at ads. I kept making excuses. I never had to look for a job before, I always fell into them. Buy Me, I’m Worth It! provided me a structure for planning and conducting my job search. Then I contacted recruiters, answered ads, began networking by calling vendors I had worked with, even a former employer – all things I could never have done before reading the book. I love my new job!”

 Debra L’Ecuyer, Computer Support Specialist

“Sally Sweeney will get you psyched up with lots of practical information and ideas on where and how to look for a job. After losing my job in hardware sales support, I was unfocused. I wanted to stay in computers, but not hardware. I followed the Buy Me, I’m Worth It! strategies and secured 3 offers in 90 days.”

 Curt Comber, Account Executive, Calgon Corp.

“I read Buy Me, I’m Worth It! after the division I worked for was dropped. It enabled me to develop a step by step job search activity plan. It boosted my confidence and prepared me for interviews. I was also able to receive straightforward advice directly from the authors at www.buymeimworthit.com. I was reemployed in two months.”

 Jennifer Davis, Consultant, Results Consulting Group

“As the designer of the Buy Me, I’m Worth It! website, I have become intimately familiar with the eBook. I’m not even looking for a job and I found the concepts in the book extraordinarily useful for business and life in general! Everyone should read this book. It helps you think positive and gives you a deeper understanding of how business really works.”

 Eric Kinsey, Director of Design, VisionFriendly.com

“Sally is an incredibly gifted entrepreneur with a uniquely keen eye for talent. Her ability to uncover the intangibles people bring to a complex and nuanced market, coupled with her expertise and magnanimous personality, are what set her apart from all others. The energy and passion she brings to her profession is unmatched and all told, coupled with the aforementioned, the reason she’s the first choice among all others.”

 Dr. William Melendez P.h.D.

“Sally is an amazing woman who wears many hats! She is an instructor of one of my favorite exercise classes at the YMCA. One day, I came to get a good workout and left with much more. After a heartbreaking rejection, Sally and I had a conversation about my interview process and recommended “Buy Me, I’m Worth It!” This book helped me to zone in on my desires for potential employers, rebuild my confidence and brand myself as the ideal candidate. Within just a few weeks of reading the book, I had found the job that would kickstart my career! I would highly recommend this book!”

 Dr. Tiffany Donley, Postdoctoral Scholar at NYU Langone