Why is it Unique?
Buy Me, I'm Worth It! is unique among books on job search because:

  • It demonstrates how to apply sales and marketing principles to job search
  • It is inspiring and straightforward
  • It is succinct and easy to navigate
Competitive Comparison

Buy Me, I’m Worth It!

• First published in 2009, content is contemporary and groundbreaking. Continual updates available.

• Motivates you to take action.

• Delivers what you need to know.

• Manageable and useful information.

• Filled with interesting, relevant job seeker experiences.

What Color Is Your Parachute?

• First published in 1970, core content is still the same.

• Teaches sound job search principles.

• Provides extensive information.

• Cumbersome and awkward.

• Occasional real life examples.

Why is Buy Me, I'm Worth It! better than other books?

Buy Me, I'm Worth It! takes the best selling book on job search, What Color Is Your Parachute?, to a new level. While the genre is competitive, it is redundant. Switch covers on any two job search books and you may not notice the difference in content. Buy Me, I'm Worth It! is new, bold, and expedient.

Many of the best selling job search books on the market today tend to be cumbersome and arduous, even for avid readers. What Color is Your Parachute and The Unofficial Guide to Acing the Interview have more than 400 pages of detailed information. Do you really need to spend time reading that "it is a good idea to use a breath mint before an interview?" These books waste your time on factoids like this! Ask any job seeker if they read the whole book. The answer will be no.

Buy Me, I'm Worth It! delivers what you need to know. It is succinct. It provides an actionable plan, fast. You do not have to sort through pages of superfluous information to find the solution to your job search challenges. Buy Me, I'm Worth It! provides you with an easy to follow roadmap to employment.