"I decided to write this book to help job seekers land the job for which they are striving. Working in the recruiting business for two decades, I have seen it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the inspirational. I know what makes a job candidate distinguish themselves from the rest of the applicants..."

Sally Sweeney, knows what makes a job-seeker stand out in a sea of applicants.

For the past two decades, throughout the 2008 recession years and today’s ongoing pandemic, Sally has been in the business of recruiting top-performing employees to fill vacancies with elite companies in the technology industry. Through daily discussions with hiring managers, she is a first-hand witness to their decision-making process. She knows why some job seekers’ resumes, skill sets, and prior work experiences captivate the attention of hiring managers while other job seeker submissions are quickly overlooked.

Sally began her career at an early age - eight years old. Her first matchmaking ’business’ was for Air Force youths to find friends on base in Taiwan; then, she volunteered her help finding homes for lost pets. After college, she began her career selling technology. Sally rapidly advanced to become a top revenue producer, earning innumerable top sales performer awards, continuous President’s Club trips, and achieving yearly performances well-above quota. Leveraging her technology experience, she transitioned to the profession of recruiting, where she seeks qualified candidates for select companies interested in hiring the most talented professionals.

Sally is an employment expert. Interviewing thousands of candidates, hiring managers, and top executives in her search for top employees, she knows unequivocally why some candidates get the job offer, and some do not.

Buy Me, I'm Worth It! is filled with Sally's unique and perceptive insights that will teach the reader not only how to get hired but how to get the best job offer and a raise before they start!